Manual de introducción rápida al desarrollo económico local (2012)

Alain Jordà presents, in a practical and structured way, all the knowledge and experiences he’s obtained for 10 yeras as a Deputy Mayor in Manresa (Barcelona-Spain). Download the book (in spanish)


Desarrollo local y smart cities (2015)

This is a book on Smart Cities from a Local Development approach. It’s a selection of my articles related to Smart Cities for the last 3 years. I’ve classified and sorted them and I’ve included a reading guide for a reader to get an easy and fast access to those aspects of smart city and their relation to city development most interesting to her. Download the book (in spanish)


Manual de estrategia de desarrollo de ciudades intermedias (2016)

This is my most recent book and I hope it wll help managers in most intermediate cities and territories in defining and reaching a better future for their fellow citizens. A book where, as a result of my experiences, I structure all the involved concepts and I describe the methodology in order to put it all in the hands of as many local and regional development agents as possible. As its title shows, it’s a handbook wth the purpose of walking with those willing to develop a strategy in their homelands serving them as a reference book along all the process.

The book is endorsed by Paco Alburquerque who made me the honor to write the introduction. Download the book (in spanish)

Blog from Alain Jordà

Alain Jorda publishes the CIUDADINNOVA blog from 2005. A publication exclusively dedicated to the development of cities in a changing global scene with over 250.000 visits (decembre 2016).

You can reuse all materials from Alain Jordà under Creative Commons (Attribution-Non Commercial -Share alike) licence conditions.

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Other books with other authors

  • Iniciativas Locales de Impulso a la Innovación Empresarial”,(Local Initiatives for Business Innovation Promotion), Diputación de Barcelona, 2012.
  • “Reptes de la competitivitat catalana: Reflexions al voltant de la transformació del model productu català” (Challenges of Catalan Cmpetitiveness: thoughts on the catalan productive model transformation), Informes Fundació Rafael Campalans, 2007
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